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Wednesday, December 21, 2022



Scripture: Amos 3:3


Prayer Points

1.   Father I thank you for opening my spiritual eyes to know my destiny friend, in Jesus name.

2.   Devilish friends programmed into my life, let me go now, in Jesus name.

3.   I disconnect myself from deficit friends, in Jesus name.

4.   Witchcraft and marine friends surrounding my life, be separated from me forever in Jesus name.

5.   O god, equip me with fire of the Holy Ghost.

6.   Evil magnet of negative friends in my life, expire now, in Jesus mighty name.

7.   I dedicate the totality of my life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

8.   Anything in my life directing bad friends into my life, jump out now, in Jesus name.

9.   I dissociate myself from evil cult, in Jesus name.

10.     Holy Spirit, overshadow my life and let my destiny manifest, in Jesus name.

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