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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Candidates of Deep deliverance

Scriptures: Psalm 38: 4; Psalm 18:17.

There could be a situation where a burden could be too heavy and enemies that could be too strong for somebody. There various levels of oppression and affliction because we are living in a wicked world. The bible says the world lies in wickedness, so wicked that some who should remain are dead. There could be surface, partial, complete, deep deliverance. When a problem is in the surface and lightly rooted, it can be uprooted without any efforts. But if is deeply rooted it requires energy. Some people require not one touch but a second touch.

Characteristics of those that need deep deliverance
1.  There some people who suffer from spiritual blockage, they cannot connect to heaven, no divine drip, no prophecy, spiritual blankness, no information from heaven, is called spiritual blockage and that it requires deep deliverance. 
2. There are some people constantly sexually harassed they tried different things to come out, all to no avail. They pray, they go for deliverance, suddenly they go back again. You need deep deliverance.
3. There is something in deliverance called long time pregnancy. Somebody is supposed to deliver a baby 9 month it has delayed to 2 years or more.
4. There cases of disappearing pregnancy. This is a serious matter.
5. Strange voices. A lot of people hearing voices they should not hear. If you are hearing a voice that is not from God is not good.
6. We have situation where baby travel from the womb and come back.
7. There are plenty of people with invincible load on their head.

8. Some people that have the arrow of pepper, the body is just peppering them. They are boiling that person in the cauldron of witchcraft.
9. There is something called personal rain. The person feels there is rain on him. Not knowing somebody is pouring sand on him for evil.
10. The rage of satanic birds. Birds just roaming around the compound. Immediately day break they disappear.
11. Some complain that they have been pursued by sun, moon and star. It is a reality.
12. There some people their money disappear, clothes and many things mysteriously.
13. Some have strange odour coming out from their body. To some is unexplainable hatred it calls for deep deliverance.
14. Excessive tiredness.
15. When there are strange occurrences in your environment.
16. Sleep walking.
What do you do?
1.      Surrender your life to Jesus
2.      Report them to God
3.      Declare war.

Prayer Points
1.      Powers that handed me over to the strong man you are a liar die in the name of Jesus
2.      My blessings end up in the covens come out by fire in the name of Jesus
3.      I shall laugh last over my enemies by the power in the blood of Jesus
4.      Goliath in my root, die in the name of Jesus
5.      Yokes of my father’s house I am not your candidate break in the name of Jesus

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