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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Defeating the Demon of Masturbation

Defeating the Demon of Masturbation

Text: Romans 13:13-14

Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure. Some persons are into masturbation and think it is a normal thing. There is a demon in charge of masturbation. Sometimes when such person are expecting great testimonies then this spirit steps in. immediately the action takes place, the person immediately start loosing important things physically and spiritually and such life can never know peace. It will only take the divine power of God when you come to Jesus Christ for deliverance. You will definitely get delivered. 

Sources of Masturbation
·        Watching of unholy movie full of lustful scenes
·        Watching pornographic videos and photos online
·        Evil communication
·        Negative friend(s)
All these can lead to negative imaginations and it can also lead to physical manifestations. 

How to come out of it
·        Repent of your sins by asking Jesus Christ to come into your life.
·        Make sure you delete photos and videos of porn from your laptop, phone and desktop computer.
·        Live a holy life
·        Pray aggressive prayers 

Prayer points
1.           You demon of masturbation I come against you in Jesus name.
2.           My life, come out from negative friends, in Jesus name.
3.           You that demon of masturbation that stole my blessings, I command you to release it now, in Jesus name.
4.           Blood of Jesus, deliver my life from, negativity, in Jesus name.
5.           Marine bondage, break and release me now, in Jesus name.
6.           Evil personality that invoked the spirit of masturbation into my life, come and carry your load and die now, in Jesus name.
7.           Arrow of masturbation hiding in my private part, die by fire and burn to ashes, in Jesus name.
8.           Oh God arise and destroy power of masturbation harassing my life.
9.           Serpent and scorpion of masturbation in my life be roasted by fire, in Jesus name.
10.      Agenda of darkness to frustrate me through masturbation, die, in Jesus name.
11.      My spirit, soul and body catch the fire of the Holy Ghost.
12.      Spirit of masturbation programmed into my devices knowingly or unknowingly, I separate myself from you, In Jesus name.
13.      Any satanic website calling my name to come and watch pornography, loose your grip over me and die, in Jesus name
14.      Oh God my father, deliver me from the power that is stronger than me, in Jesus name.
15.      Holy Spirit divine overshadow my spirit, soul and body.
16.      Properties of masturbation hiding around my life disappear forever, in Jesus name.
17.      My mind, receive deliverance by fire, in Jesus name.
18.      Any negative power, supervising evil in my mind, disappear by fire, in Jesus name.
19.      My spirit, soul and body receive total deliverance, in Jesus name.
20.      My mind, be consecrated by the fire of the Holy Ghost.
21.      Blood of Jesus arise and deliver me, in Jesus name.

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