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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Reversing Satanic Decree against my Destiny

Prayer points
1.   Evil decrees responsible for the problem I am going through now, die, in Jesus name.
2.   Satanic personality in my father’s house that says over his dead body, that my destiny will no manifest, die, in Jesus name.
3.   Every satanic sacrifices working against my elevation, backfire now,
4.   Evil voices summoning me before any shrine, both the evil person and the shrine, catch fire.
5.   Satanic relations from my paternal and maternal side making life miserable for me, die, in Jesus name.
6.   My virtue inside any satanic pot, come out and locate me, in Jesus name.
7.   Agenda to waste my life, be converted to my unimaginable blessings, in Jesus name.
8.   Satanic contractors hired to curse me, die suddenly, in Jesus name.
9.   Satanic decree holding me stagnant let me go now, in Jesus name.
10.   Midnight enchantments and incantations issued against my glory expire now in Jesus name.
11.   Oh God arise and turn the curses of my enemies against me to blessings, in Jesus name
12.   I reverse any satanic decree over my destiny in Jesus name.
13.   Any demon controlling any part of my life because of the decree issued against me, die, in Jesus name.
14.   I shall not die but live in Jesus name.
15.   Curses issued by my parents now working against me, blood of Jesus set me free, in Jesus name.
16.   Any curse working against the labour of my hands, expire now, in Jesus name.

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