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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Put your Angels to work

Text: Exodus 33:2, Luke 4:10, Psalm 91:11-12

1Night of Angelic Visitation starting from 12:00am – 1.00am.

Some of us have never put his /her angel(s) to work. As a genuine child of God, whatever you say to the angel(s) such they will do, because you are a son or daughter of a General (God).
An angel can kill, deliver, and recover depending on the assignment given to do. You are going to be praying aggressively putting your angel(s) to work.

Prayer points
1.   Oh God my father I thank you for giving me your angels to take charge over me.
2.   My angel, go and trouble my stubborn pursuers, in the name of Jesus.
3.   Evil powers of my father’s house, responsible for stagnation in my life, my angel go and destroy them, in Jesus name.
4.   Evil power troubling my marriage, die in Jesus name.
5.   My angel, walk back to the root of my problem and repair it in Jesus name.
6.   Evil bird, rat, scorpion, serpent and tree, my angel go and destroy them, in Jesus name.
7.   Satanic man or woman making incantation at midnight to cage my glory, you my angel go and kill them in Jesus name.
8.   You my angel go and give my enemies serious plagues that will permanently silence them.
9.   Wherever my destiny is hidden, you my angel go and search it out for me now, in Jesus name.
10. Coven of darkness in charge of my case, you my angel go and cause confusion among them, in Jesus name.
11. My hidden enemies, be silenced by the angel of God in Jesus name.
12. Arrow of frustration fired against me, you my angel go and return it to the sender in Jesus name.
13. Powers that hate my existence die!
14. Unfriendly friends causing me pains, my angel go and disgrace them.
15. Satanic database containing my name, you my angel go and crash it, in Jesus name.
16. Evil personalities sitting on my divine fulfillment, my angel go and disgrace, kill and recover my seat for me, in Jesus name.
17. Evil mirror, evil eyes monitoring my life, receive total blindness in Jesus name.
18. Idols in my foundation, that have vowed to make sure I remain like this you my angel go and destroy them in Jesus name.
19. Evil specialists in my father’s house in charge of repeated problem in my life, my angel go and bury him, in Jesus name.
20. My original glory in the belly of a serpent you my angel go and bring it out anyhow, in Jesus name.
21. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers.

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