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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Reversing EMBER Month Disaster with Prayers

Text: Proverb 9:11


Prayer Points


1.       Begin to thank the Lord for his goodness and mercy.

2.       Ember month disaster, I am not your candidate, be cancelled in Jesus mighty name.

3.       You this year, you shall not swallow me, in Jesus mighty name.

4.       Every arrow of death fired against me, backfire now, in Jesus name.

5.       Coven conclusion to eat my flesh and drink my blood, scatter by fire, in Jesus mighty name.

6.       I shall not die but leave to declare the works of the Lord, in Jesus name.

7.       Mark of death on my forehead, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

8.       Altar of darkness programmed to activate death on me, backfire now by the blood of Jesus.

9.       Revival fire of God, overshadow my life, in Jesus name.

10.   Anything in my life attracting death, jump out by fire, in Jesus name.

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