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Friday, March 31, 2017

Overcoming the Spirit of Hatred and Rejection

Text: Esther 2:17, Genesis 39:21, Job 33:26

Prayer points
1.        Father I thank you for helping me this far, in Jesus name.
2.        Spirit of hatred and rejection, I come against you, in Jesus name.
3.        My head, receive the anointing to move forward, in Jesus name.
4.        As from today, I decree divine favour on me, in Jesus’ name.
5.        Power that hate good thing, I am not your candidate, disappear now, in Jesus’ name.
6.        Spirit of excellence, come upon me now, in Jesus name.
7.        Any evil personality using my face to attack my helpers, die, in Jesus name.
8.        As from today, any eye that sees me shall suddenly favour me, in Jesus name.
9.        Blood of Jesus, deliver me from myself, in Jesus name.
10.     Agenda of wicked power to waste my destiny, it shall not come to pass, in the name of Jesus.
11.     My face, receive the oil of favour, in Jesus’ name.
12.     Any evil voice, calling my name for evil, be silenced forever, in Jesus name.
13.     Any power from my root, waging war against my advancement, be wasted by fire, in Jesus name.
14.     I receive unusual favour as from today in Jesus name.
15.     You this land, you shall not work against me, in Jesus name.
16.     My glory, hear the word of the Lord! Come out and shine now, in Jesus name.
17.     Father, I thank you for answering my prayers.

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