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Monday, April 16, 2018

Spiritual Fitness Prayer Points

Text: Luke 18:1, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Prayer Points

1.     Oh God, I thank you for giving me life in full, in Jesus name.
2.     My mind, reject satanic voice, only hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus name.
3.     I disconnect my life from evil communications, in Jesus name.
4.     Holy Spirit Divine, overshadow my senses and make me whole from filthiness, in Jesus’ name.
5.     My spirit, soul and body, receive divine programme to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit clearly, in Jesus name.
6.     My body is the temple of the living God, therefore, any satanic material sponsoring failures in my relationship with God, be flushed out, in Jesus’ name.
7.     My mind, receive total deliverance, in Jesus name.
8.     Holy Spirit, break and remold me to the glory of God, in Jesus name.
9.     My spirit, soul and body, cooperate with the commandments of God, in Jesus name.
10.    My destiny cannot remain like this, therefore, begin to fulfill the purpose why you were created, in Jesus name.
11.    Any negative words hiding in my life, disappear now in Jesus name.
12.    I disconnect myself from unfriendly friends, in Jesus name.
13.    Oh God, visit the root of my life and deliver me from failures at the edge of breakthroughs, in Jesus name.
14.    My life, cooperate with the agenda of God, in Jesus name.
15.    My body soul and spirit, receive total consecration to the glory of God, in Jesus name.

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