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2017 Wonderful Testimonies


For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind *2Tim.1:7*

No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
You shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
And their righteousness is from Me,”
Says the Lord. *Isaiah 54:17*

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ may this testimony help others who may have the distress l had all my life up to last Saturday August 13 2017       
I am a Health professional who suffered from a trapped secret hidden destructive fear inside me from birth. I grew up and even worked for others with fear they got help and l held mine inside the closet. In the month May while driving on the highway I got a serious panic attack it controlled my whole body and I wanted to stop the car in moving traffic. What an experience! I pulled on the shoulder sweating profusely drank some water and headed back home. That feeling of panic showed up any time l drove. I spoke to God please send someone to help me. One night l decided to go online searching for prayers to heal this problem and God put Hot  Prayer Zones  Blog on my screen. l got a strong feeling of confidence and peace while reading the prayers.                       
 This drove me to want to speak with the leader of the group Mr. Ojo Eleko. I explained all my  discomforts to him and he told me that for with God nothing shall be impossible. Mr. Ojo is to me the most understanding person I ever  spoke with. His love for God, deep spiritual knowledge and kindness made me believe that l would be healed.  I said to him (Mr. Ojo) I don’t care if l have one day to live l want this evil fear out of me. He assured me that God will deliver me. My texts Bible referrals prayers hymns, church services inspirational quotes, appeared on my screen for weeks and on time every day. On receiving his spiritual Counseling, my way of life had to be changed to accommodate all those spiritual nutrients rich in love for Christ. How can one not be receptive to listen and work with someone God has chosen to do his work in me?                       
Coupled with the intensive prayer programme planned for me with strict instructions for seven days. I felt eager to say those prayers every day. On the first day l felt much calmer by the fourth day l drove feeling even better by the last day l felt a deep joy that is how l knew this evil wicked fear was gone forever. You taught me how to present prayer to God for fast deliverance how and how to move the enemies out with force and most of all to trust God.  But what is very profound in my mind is that l became very interested in finding my position in Christ. My work towards that l am sure is successful. May you be forever blessed Mr Ojo  I know you are a true Man of God. Thanks for your patience, spiritual wisdom and love. Brothers and sisters come celebrate with me my rebirth. Thanks to the members of the group. Amen   
*Fay De Jean Dr.*

*Trinidad and Tobago*


I have been living with HIV for the past 11years but in the month of February 2016 the man of God (Evangelist Ojo E.) prayed for me via whatsApp call and he told me that God will shock my doctors, after 3 days I went to the Doctors and tested negative. Glory be to God. 
Sis. From Zambia

I have search for a job for a long time all to no avail and I met the Evangelist in Port Harcourt Nigeria who placed me on prayer program for a week, miraculously the next day of the prayer program God gave me two jobs of which I chose one of them to resume the next day. God is great.
Bro. Chidiebere, 

I mistakenly stepped on charm programed for my dad and since then I could not walk until I met the man of God that prayed for me via phone and decree that the owner of evil load should carry his/her load in Jesus name. By the grace of God I started walking the following day. Praise God! 
Bro. Chijendu

Our God is an Awesome God. My little nephew who was supposed to go for a surgery was healed to the glory of God. When the issue came up, I discussed it with Evangelist Ojo  who assured me that all things are possible by faith and he later prayed with the family. I want to testify that the supposed surgery did not hold again after a review by a consultant who was supposed to do the surgery. I give God all the glory and may his name continue to be exalted. Amen.

After the prayer program given to me, I was granted residence permit to stay in Belgium.
Sis. Bianca

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