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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Prayers to Paralyze Delay in Marriage

Text: Scripture reading: Ecclesiastes 3:10-14, Matthew 19:5, 31:10, Ecclesiastes 4:9, 11-12, Deuteronomy 32:30

Prayer Points

1.        Father I thank you for helping me this far, be thou glorified, in Jesus name.
2.        I must be married by fire by force, in Jesus name.
3.        Oh God arise and show me mercy concerning my marital life, in Jesus name.
4.        Satanic covenant in charge of my marriage, be wasted by the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name.
5.        I refuse to experience problem of my parents marriage, in Jesus name.
6.        Any satanic decree working against my marriage, die, in Jesus name.
7.        Any evil personality suffocating my marital life, release me now, in Jesus name.
8.        Agenda of stagnancy working against my marriage, catch fire now, in Jesus name.
9.        Any curse of automatic failure assignment to frustrate my marriage, die, in Jesus name.
10.     Satanic collaboration working against my marriage, fail woefully, in Jesus name.
11.     Any mark of marital failure placed on my forehead, be washed away by the blood of Jesus.
12.     As from today, my life begin to receive unusual favour, in Jesus name
13.     Witchcraft agenda against my marriage, break and scatter, in Jesus name.
14.     Oh God arise and push me to where I am supposed to be martially, in Jesus name.

15.     Father I thank you for answering my prayers, in Jesus name. 

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