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Friday, October 28, 2016

Avenge Me of My Adversaries

Text: Luke 18:3
And there was a widow in that city; and she came unto him, saying, Avenge me of mine adversary.

Prayer points
1.            Oh God I thank you for sponsoring good things in my life, in Jesus name.
2.            My father my father, avenge me of my adversaries, in Jesus name.
3.            Agenda of dark powers to make me remain like this, expire now, in Jesus name.
4.            Oh Lord my father, send your hammer of judgment against my adversaries, in Jesus name.
5.            My goods in the camp of the wicked come alive now, in Jesus name.
6.            Satanic judiciary judging my case be disgraced, in Jesus’ name.
7.            Anything in my life attracting negative powers, expire now, in Jesus’ name.
8.            Blood of Jesus sanitize my life for your glory.
9.            I shall not die unfulfilled, in Jesus’ name.
10.       Death sentence issued against my destiny, backfire, in Jesus’ name.
11.       Ancient serpent assigned to swallow what belongs to me, swallow fire and die, in Jesus’ name.
12.       I shall not give up; my problem shall give up, in Jesus name.
13.       I come against wicked personality holding what belongs to me in their archives, in the name of Jesus.
14.       My glory shall arise and shine, in Jesus name.
15.       Any negative covenant working against my advancement blood of Jesus, deliver me, in Jesus name.
16.       Oh God my father avenge me of my adversaries, in Jesus’ name.
17.       My heaven of good things, open by fire, in the name of Jesus.
18.       Satanic king sitting on my throne of greatness, be unseated by fire, in Jesus’ name.
19.       Oh God arise and let my case be settled, in the name of Jesus.
20.       I refuse to remain like this, in Jesus’ name.
21.       Oh God I thank you for answering my prayers.
Note: Make sure you born again by confessing Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior so that your prayers will be effective against your stubborn enemies.

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