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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Unseating the strongman sitting on my Resident Permit

Note: Make sure you are not into 419 or scam in that particular country. If so, it will not work for you. Genuinely Repent of your sins and come to the Lord Jesus Christ and he will save and give you what is more than RESIDENCE PERMIT.  Have faith in God before going into this prayer session.

Text: Psalm 24:1

Prayer points

1.           Oh God my father, you are creator of heaven and earth, show up in my affairs.
2.           Any power from my father’s house sitting upon my residence permit be unseated by fire.
3.           My resident permit, be released in the name of Jesus
4.           Holy Spirit of God, move into the heart of my helpers and let my residence permit be release unto me.
5.           Oh God that created the heavens and the earth, arise and give me my resident permit, in Jesus name.
6.           Dark powers from my root speaking failure to my life expire by fire.
7.           Destiny wasters invoked against me, die, in Jesus name.
8.           Connections that will deliver my residence permit into my hands be released in Jesus name.
9.           Dark cloud, clear away from my path of positive advancement, in Jesus name.
10.      Anointing to receive dumfounding testimonies, come into my life, in Jesus name.
11.      Any chain or rope dragging me to my village, catch fire in Jesus name.
12.      Agenda of the enemies to make sure I cry I reject it in Jesus name.
13.      If I must shed tears this year, they must be that of joy, in Jesus name.
14.      The earth is the Lord therefore I decree with full authority, I must stay in this land by fire by force, in Jesus name.
15.      Oh heaven and earth cooperate to release my residence permit, in Jesus name.
16.      Holy Spirit, lead me to that person that will release my residence permit with ease, in Jesus name.
17.      I possess my possessions, in Jesus name.
18.      Anything in my life working against my permit, die, in Jesus name.
19.      I dismantle any spiritual roadblock mounted to stop my residence permit, in Jesus name.
20.      Unimaginable favour, be release to me now, in Jesus name.
21.      Concerning my residence permit, I must testify to the glory of God and to the shame of the enemy, in Jesus name.

Silencing The Joy Of Your Enemies

Text: Esther 7: 4-10.

Prayer points
1.        Satanic decree over my life, backfire now in Jesus name.
2.        My life, come out from satanic deliberations, in Jesus name.
3.        I silenced the joy of my stubborn enemies, in the mighty name of Jesus
4.        Any evil altar sponsoring attacks against me die, in Jesus name.
5.        My household enemies, receive, high-blood pressure, in Jesus name.
6.        Any satanic herbalist preparing charms for my enemies die now, in Jesus name.
7.        By fire by force I withdraw those things giving my enemies joy, in Jesus name.
8.        Satanic time bomb waiting to explode in my life, I reverse you now, in Jesus name. 
9.        Any of my goods that are been hijacked by wicked enemies, return it, confess, run mad and die, in Jesus name.
10.     I command the laughter and happiness of my enemies to cease, in Jesus name.
11.     Evil plotting by my enemies to make sure I remain like this, oh God arise and deliver me, In Jesus name.
12.     You my life, hear the word of the Lord, you shall not be cut short, in Jesus name.
13.     There shall be no peace for my enemies, in Jesus name.
14.     I come against anything that wants to make me poor in spirit, soul and body, in Jesus name.
15.     I command my household enemies to begin to fight themselves until they destroy themselves, in Jesus name.
16.     I drag my stubborn enemies to the court of the Almighty God.
17.     Oh God arise, send pestilence to the camp of my enemies, in Jesus name.
18.     You that angel that killed the first born of the Egyptians go and kill the first born of my enemies, in Jesus name.
19.     Terminator of joy, I command you to visit my enemies and quench their joy, in Jesus name.
20.     Evil vows to make sure my life does not experience the joy of the Lord, back fire by fire, in Jesus name.
21.     I soak my prayer points with the blood of Jesus

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