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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Destroy that evil bird manipulating my star

Introduction:  Pray these prayer points aggressively. It is not a gentleman or woman prayers. You must be rugged when praying these prayers. Any power that says you will not move to your divine inheritance must not be allowed to live. Exodus 22:18. Some persons always experience bird crying at their residence, sometimes when good things want to manifest these evil birds will start crying against the blessings of such person. I pray for somebody, any bird always monitoring your destiny they shall die In the name of Jesus.

Prayer Points
1.      Ancient of Days I thank you for your help so far in the name of Jesus
2.      Agent on assignment to disgrace me on the day of celebration scatter now in the name of Jesus
3.      Powers from my village transforming into birds to attack me scatter by fire in the name of Jesus
4.      Evil bird crying against my advancement, receive the arrow of God and die in the name of Jesus.
5.      Evil monitoring bird(s) always crying at night to waste my blessings receive total destruction by fire in the name of Jesus.
6.      Spiritual evil bird(s) assigned to so suck the honey of my life die in the name of Jesus
7.      Bird of darkness flying for my sake crash-land and die in the name of Jesus
8.      Evil bird(s) perching on my glory summersault and scatter by fire by force in the name of Jesus.
9.      Voice of the Almighty God scatter every gathering seeking my downfall in the name of Jesus.
10. Any problem that I am passing through now that is caused by evil bird oh God arise sentence them to death by fire.
11. My original destiny manifest by fire now in the name of Jesus.
12. Evil pronouncement working against my achievement, go back to sender in the name of Jesus.
13. Evil messenger programmed against me scatter beyond recognition in the name of Jesus.
14. Ancestral evil bird become deaf and dumb forever concerning my destiny.
15. From today henceforth whether evil bird(s) cry or not my testimonies must manifest in the name of Jesus.
16. Blood of Jesus separate my life from hardship
17.  Begin to thank the Lord for prayer answer

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