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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Command the Month of March

Text: Job 22:28

Prayer Points
1.        Father I thank you for helping me this far, be thou glorified, in Jesus name.
2.        Month of March, hear the word of the Lord, you shall work for me, in Jesus name.
3.        You this month, you will not swallow my resources, marriage, children, etc in Jesus name.
4.        Satanic decrees that has been prospering in my life, expire now, in Jesus name.
5.        I am unstoppable this month, in Jesus name.
6.        Wicked imaginations working against my life, be converted to my dumbfounding testimonies, in Jesus name.
7.        Any problem that followed me from February to March, right now, die, in Jesus name.
8.        You my legs, you will not lead me to disaster, in Jesus name.
9.        My legs shall lead me to my divine locations, in Jesus name.
10.      Arrows that flies by day or night shall not locate me this month and beyond, in Jesus name.
11.      I march forward in this Month of March, in Jesus name.
12.      Holy Spirit Divine, overshadow my life this month and beyond, in Jesus name.
13.      I shall not die but live, in Jesus name.
14.      Every strategy used by the enemies of my promotion, expire by fire, in Jesus name.
15.      Prosperity my life has been waiting for, manifest this month, in Jesus name.
16.      Those asking me where is my God, oh God arise and prove Yourself, in Jesus name.
17.      Father I thank you for answering my prayers, in Jesus name.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

I Cannot Remain Like This

Text: Esther 4:16
Prayer Points
1.           Holy Spirit Divine, fill me afresh and make my destiny manifest wonders, in Jesus’ name.
2.           Oh Lord, have mercy upon me and help me, in Jesus name.
3.           My life, hear the word of the Lord, move forward by fire, in the name of Jesus.
4.           Anything in my life that is holding me on one spot, I shake you out now (practically shake yourself as you pray this prayer)
5.           Every curse of automatic failure working day and night to waste my glory, die by the blood of Jesus.
6.           Oh God my father, rearrange my life for uncommon breakthrough, in Jesus name.
7.           Blood of Jesus, be transfused into my system and flush out satanic deposits, in Jesus name.
8.           Any inherited stagnancy, break and release me now, in Jesus name.
9.           I cannot continue like this, therefore I am coming out of this mess, in Jesus name.
10.      Any evil dream I had that is now working against me, break and release me now, in Jesus name.
11.      By the power in the name of Jesus, I move to my original location (practically move) in Jesus name.
12.      I bulldoze my way to breakthrough by the power in the blood of Jesus.
13.      O God my father, give me ideas that will transform my destiny, in Jesus name.
14.      Any bad habit in me that is causing delay in manifesting my glory, break and let me go now, in Jesus name.
15.      I receive the grace to mount up wings as eagle, in Jesus name.
16.      I fire back every arrow of delay fired against me, in Jesus name.
17.      Testimony that my life has been waiting for, I am available, manifest now, in Jesus name.
18.      Father I thank you for answering my prayers.

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