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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Decrees that Brings Outstanding Breakthroughs

Text: I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Psalm 120:7

Prayer points

1.           Oh God I thank you for you are my shield and helper always.
2.           I command my testimonies to be release now, in Jesus name.
3.           I decree as a child of God that whatever that has not been working for me, begin to work now, in Jesus name.
4.           I command my helpers in satanic traffic to come out successfully and help me, in Jesus name.
5.           As from today, satanic networking shall not function again in my destiny, in Jesus’ name.
6.            I command open doors upon all my affairs, in Jesus name.
7.           East wind of the Lord, blow away satanic wind troubling my destiny, in Jesus name.
8.           Blood of Jesus, confuse the camp of my enemies.
9.           Because I am a child of God, satanic events turning my glory upside down, cease in Jesus name.
10.      I command my destiny to come out from satanic cage, in Jesus name.
11.      I command failure at the edge of miracles to cease, in Jesus name.
12.      I command sorrow to visit and live with my stubborn enemies, in Jesus name.
13.      Foundational evil powers tormenting my joy expire now, in Jesus name.
14.      Evil gates blocking my destiny gates, I command you evil gates to scatter beyond recognition, in the name of Jesus.
15.      Satanic command working against my life, backfire now, in Jesus name.
16.      Satanic reinforcement working against my expected miracles, die now, in Jesus’ name.
17.      I command my hidden riches to be release now, in Jesus name.
18.      I command enchantment and incantation working against me, to expire now, in Jesus’ name.
19.      I command the spirit of death to visit the camp of my enemies, in Jesus name.
20.      I command any conscious or unconscious covenant working against me, to die, in Jesus name.
21.      My inheritance in Christ Jesus, you shall not be stolen away from me, in Jesus’ name.
22.      I sentence my stubborn enemies to life imprisonment with hard labour and death, in Jesus name.
23.      Oh God arise and organize my life for your glory, in Jesus’ name.

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