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Monday, June 06, 2016

Faith Releasing Prayers

Text: Hebrews 11:6
Prayer points
1.                 Oh God my father I thank you for the gift of faith working in me
2.                 You mountain of problems, I command you to be leveled in Jesus name.
3.                 Any good thing that has been stolen from me be release in Jesus’ name.
4.                 Dead bones hear the word of the Lord receive life now, in Jesus name.
5.                 Spiritual stagnancy, jump out of my life, in the name of Jesus.
6.                 Any negative situation confronting my faith, die, in Jesus name.
7.                 Any altar of affliction, dry up now, in Jesus’ name.
8.                 Powers that kill faith die now, in Jesus name.
9.                 Raise your right hand to the heavenlies and decree like this: troublers of my glory from the heavenlies, scatter, in Jesus name.
10.            My sleeping faith, wake up now, in Jesus’ name.
11.            I move in the might of the Lord to my original location, in the name of Jesus name.
12.            Whatever that is faulty in me receive total repairs now, in Jesus’ name.
13.            I refuse to negotiate with the enemies of my destiny, therefore die, in the name of Jesus
14.            Wicked personalities operating against my destiny scatter beyond repair, in Jesus’ name.
15.            I command my joy to be full in Jesus name.
16.            My sleeping giant, wake up by fire, in Jesus’ name.
17.            Evil personalities devising evil against my faith, receive total confusion and scatter, in the name of Jesus.

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