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Friday, June 10, 2016

Command unrest into the camp of your Enemies

Text: (2 Kings 13:17)(Psa. 45:5)(Psa. 7:13)(Hab. 3:11)
Prayer Points
1.            I command unrest to visit the camp of my enemies, in the name of Jesus.
2.            You evil load programmed into my life, die, in Jesus name.
3.            Power that hates prosperity, I command you to disappear from my life, in Jesus name.
4.             My life, come out from the zone of darkness, in Jesus name.
5.            Blood of Jesus, deliver me from dark zone, in Jesus’ name.
6.            Terrible tempest visit the camp of my stubborn pursuers, in Jesus name.
7.            Oh God arise and set me on mountain top, in Jesus name.
8.            Power to triumph over my enemies; come upon me now, in Jesus’ name.
9.            Agenda of wicked powers to frustrate my life go back to sender, in the name of Jesus.
10.       Missiles of the Lord, visit the camp of my enemies where they are planning my matter, in Jesus’ name.
11.       Oh God my father send plagues into the camp of my stubborn pursuers, in Jesus’ name.
12.       Sudden destruction, visit my enemies in Jesus name.
13.       Sudden darkness, visit my stubborn enemies in Jesus name.
14.       Oh God arise and turn the joy of my enemies into sorrow, in Jesus name.
15.       Whatever the enemies have taken from me, return it now by fire, in Jesus’ name.
16.       My credentials in the database of the wicked disappear now, in Jesus name.
17.       Destiny destroyers my life is not your candidate, break and let me go, in Jesus’ name.
18.       Satanic personalities sponsoring affliction into my life, carry your load in Jesus name.
19.       Satanic satellite monitoring my glory, scatter now in Jesus name.
20.       Oh God my father reset my life to the original, in Jesus’ name.
21.       I cover my prayers with the blood of Jesus.

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