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Friday, September 12, 2014

Prayer against Miscarrying Womb

BIBLE READING: Hosea 9                                           Confession Nahum 1: 7-9
NOTE:        This Prayers Should Be Done Aggressively
1. Thank God for His cleansing and forgiveness power in the blood of Jesus.
2. Confess all known sins.
3. Blood of Jesus set me free from every bondage of sin.
4.  Let every effect of sin upon my life be renounced in the name of Jesus.
5. Holy Ghost Fire fill me to overflowing in Jesus name.
6. I release myself from every bondage of corruption in Jesus name
7.   I bind every spirit of personal destruction in Jesus name
8.  You spirit of rebellion loose your hold upon my life in Jesus name.
9.      You spirit of evil spiritual drunkenness, loose your hold upon my life.
10.    O Lord Restore back unto me. All my lost glory in Jesus name.
11.    My glory shall not fly away like bird in Jesus name.
12.    I refuse my birth glory to fly away, in Jesus name.
13.    I refuse the glory of my womb to fly away, in Jesus name.
14.    I refuse my conception glory to fly away, in Jesus name.
15.    I bind every spirit of dry breast in the name of Jesus.
16.  I command every dryness in my reproductive system receive the resurrection power of Jesus now in the name of Jesus.
17.  I bind every spiritual Ephraim working in my life and I command them to come out and receive the fire of destruction.
18.  I release myself from the bondage of strange children.
19. Let the power of the Holy Ghost energize my reproductive system in the name of Jesus.
20.   I bind every spirit of miscarriage, in the name of Jesus
21.  I loose myself from the grip of the spirit of miscarriage in the name of Jesus.
I reject affliction, in the name of Jesus.

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