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Friday, September 12, 2014

Power Against Problem with Menstruation in Woman

Confession Gal 3:13-14; Colossians 2:14 -15; psalm 56:9 Romans 6:20: Jeremiah 1: 19; Matt  8 : 17


1.     Lay your right hand on womb and confess as follows:  Every evil plantation in my womb be roasted by fire in the Jesus name.
2.     Every blockage in my fallopian tube be purge out by the blood of Jesus
3.     Fire of God burn in me in the name of Jesus (say it 17 times)
4.     You foreign hands laid on my reproductive organs release me now in the name of Jesus
5.     I renounce, break and loose myself from all…………………..…(pick below) In Jesus name.
·        Demonic holds                                          psychic powers
·        Evil dedication                                           satanic bondage

6.   Oh Lord, let our creative miracle take place in my reproductive organs in Jesus name.
7.     Any power reorganizing my menstrual circle be muzzled to death in the Jesus name.
8.     I loose myself from every evil influence, dark spirit satanic attack in the Jesus name.
9.     Lord Jesus reorganize what has been disorganized in my life in Jesus name 
10. Oh Lord give me a miracle that will perfect my reproductive organ in Jesus name
11. Every circle of failure in my menstrual circle break by fire in Jesus name.
12. Any power feeding on my menstrual blood collapse and die in Jesus name
13. I release myself from the hold of spirit of sterility and infertility in Jesus name.
14. Any curse working against my marriage break and back to send in Jesus name.
15. Oh Lord, reveal to me the cause of this problems in Jesus name.
16. Any power elongating my problems fall down and die in Jesus name.
17.  Every arrow of affliction in my life is extracted by fire in Jesus name.
18. I bind and paralyze the activities of the family gods and idols over my reproductive organs in Jesus name.
19. Every physical and spiritual poison in my womb and fallopian tube is purging out by fire in Jesus name.
20  Shout 21 hallelujah to seal up your testimonies.


  1. Lord heal me in Jesus name Amen.

  2. Power by the power of the Holy Spirit, receive your healing in Jesus name.


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