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Thursday, September 01, 2022

10 Prayers Points to Dismantle Dream Criminals

Scripture: (Genesis 39:20-40:23)

 Prayer Points

1.      Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes to revelations.

2.      Presence of God Almighty overshadow my life and let my glory manifest, in Jesus name.

3.      Arrow of darkness fired into my dream life, backfire now, in Jesus name.

4.      As from today any dream I have shall be remembered, in Jesus name.

5.      Wicked powers from my root assigned to cover my spiritual antenna, scatter now, in Jesus name.

6.      Strong base of darkness hovering around my life, scatter by fire, in Jesus name.

7.      I break and release myself from failures resulting from evil dreams, in Jesus name.

8.      Withes and wizards in my household, park your load and get out now, in Jesus name.

9.      Wicked incantation going on to divert my dream life, backfire, in Jesus name.

10.   O God arise! Rearrange my life for outstanding breakthrough, in Jesus name. 

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