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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Returning Evil Arrows Back to Sender

Instruction: Fasting and Prayer Programme

Text: Psalm 35:1-9
1 Oppose those who oppose me, Lord, and fight those who fight against me! 2 Take your shield and armor and come to my rescue. 3 Lift up your spear and war ax against those who pursue me. Promise that you will save me. 4 May those who try to kill me be defeated and disgraced! May those who plot against me be turned back and confused! 5 May they be like straw blown by the wind as the angel of the Lord pursues them! 6May their path be dark and slippery while the angel of the Lord strikes them down! 7 Without any reason they laid a trap for me and dug a deep hole to catch me. 8 But destruction will catch them before they know it; they will be caught in their own trap and fall to their destruction! 9 Then I will be glad because of the Lord; I will be happy because he saved me.

Prayer Points

       1.        Father I thank you for answering my prayers anytime I send my requests, in Jesus name.
       2.        I shall not die uncelebrated, in Jesus name.
       3.        I fire back any arrow fired into my life by household wickedness, in the name of Jesus.
       4.        Strangers in my body, be shaken out now by fire, in the name of Jesus. (practically shake yourself as pray this prayer)
       5.        Any evil arrow that has killed good things in my life, expire by fire, in Jesus name.
       6.        My destiny! Come alive, in Jesus name.
       7.        Wicked manipulations going on against my advancement, cease by fire, in Jesus name.
       8.        I command strangers of darkness living with me, to walk out now by force, in Jesus name. (Practically open your door and command them to walk out now)
       9.         Evil strangers in my place of work, receive total frustration and let me go, in Jesus name.
   10.        Satanic commandant using enchantments and incantations to delay my destiny, collapse and die, in Jesus name.
   11.        Revival fire of God, overshadow my spirit, soul and body, in the name of Jesus.
   12.        My spirit man, jump out of darkness and move into light, in Jesus name.
   13.        I break and release myself from negative evil covenant and I walk into my destiny, in Jesus name.
   14.        My life, jump out from the circle of frustration, in Jesus name.
   15.        Father I thank you for answering my prayers.

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