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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Prayers to Stop Miscarriage – For Women

Text: Lam. 3:31, Job 5:12

Prayer Points

           1.        Father, I thank you for putting full stop to miscarriage in my life as I pray these prayers, in Jesus name.
           2.        Spirit husband, aborting the fruit of my womb, catch fire and burn to ashes, in Jesus name.
           3.        Evil covenant aborting my pregnancy, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.
           4.        Lay your right hand on your womb region and decree like this: “You my child, hear the word of the Lord, you cannot be aborted, in Jesus name.”
           5.        Holy Ghost fire, possess my womb, in Jesus name. (shout it 21 hot times)
           6.        Evil conspiracies from my inlaws to make sure there is no cry of baby in my home, be terminated, in Jesus name.
           7.        You my baby in the womb, reject manipulations and bewitchment, in Jesus name.
           8.        Evil dreams aborting my pregnancy, cease by fire, in Jesus name.
           9.        Father I thank you for answering my prayers, in Jesus name.

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