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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Dismantling the spirit of Procrastination - DAY 3

Text: John 9:4
Prayer points
1. Oh God my father, I thank you for not allowing my enemies to rejoice over me
2. Satanic manipulations going on against my visions, be terminated by fire, in Jesus name.
3. Spirit to manifest destiny, enter into my life, in Jesus name.
4. Evil covenant in place, pushing me into wrong things, be abolished by the blood of Jesus.
5. Zeal of the Lord, enter into my life, in Jesus name.
6. Negative dreams sponsoring procrastination into my life, die, in Jesus name.
7. Unfriendly friends in my life causing delay in the manifestation of my original glory, be separated now, in Jesus name.
8. Anything in my life that hate good things, jump out by fire, in Jesus name.
9. I receive the anointing to mount up wings as eagle, in Jesus name.
10. Environmental negative forces contributing procrastination into my life, I receive deliverance now, in Jesus name.
11. Whatever I am suppose to be doing that will launch me to my original destiny, I receive grace to start today, in Jesus name.
12. Father, I thank you for answering my prayers, in Jesus name.

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