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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Let GOD Settle It

Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire Psalm 104:4
For our God is a consuming fire Hebrews 12:29
Instruction: These prayer points should be prayed at Night before sleep. Make sure you pray it aggressively.

Prayer Points

1.    Oh God arise and let fire settle my case, in Jesus name.
2.    Holy Ghost fire, purge my life and foundation, in Jesus name.
3.    Evil agenda programmed to waste my glory, scatter by fire, in Jesus name.
4.    Witchcraft gathering against my life, scatter beyond recovery, in the mighty name of Jesus.
5.    Holy Ghost fire, possess my spirit, soul and body for the glory of God.
6.    Fire of God, burn to ashes any garment of delay programmed to station me on one spot, in Jesus’ name.
7.    Holy Ghost fire, search and destroy any satanic archive hiding my glory and let my glory come back to me, in Jesus’ name.
8.    I recover my glory by fire by force, in Jesus name.
9.    Any evil veil covering my helpers from seeing me, catch fire and burn to ashes, in the name of Jesus
10.     Revival fire of God, begin to burn inside of me now, in Jesus name.
11.     My life, carry fire now, in the mighty name of Jesus
12.     Any wicked imaginations programmed against me, backfire by fire, in Jesus’ name.
13.     Any satanic cloud covering my glory, clear away by fire, in Jesus name.
14.     Any satanic chains holding my life to one spot, break and scatter by fire, in Jesus name.
15.     Any strange fire burning in me; fire of God, purge it out, in Jesus’ name.
16.     Fire of God, go into the strong base of my stubborn oppressors and disgrace them, in Jesus name.
17.     My life; swallow fire, become fire and vomit fire, in Jesus name.
18.     Evil terrorists of my father’s house, in charge of my case, fire of God, swallow them now, in Jesus name.
19.     Any kingdom of darkness mentioning my name, catch fire and burn to ashes, in Jesus name.
20.     Any evil animal on evil errand against me, be consumed by fire, in Jesus name.

21.     Oh God I thank you for answering my prayers, in Jesus name. 

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