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Saturday, November 19, 2016

My Problem Must Bow

Text: Philippians 2:10

Prayer Points
1.        Oh my father I thank you for answering me when I pray, in the name of Jesus
2.        Any affliction hiding in my life, be purged out now, in Jesus name.
3.        Any problem confronting my life, bow now to the name of Jesus.
4.        I fired back any arrow fired against my destiny, in Jesus name.
5.        Long time problem hiding in my life, expire today, in Jesus name.
6.        I speak solution to any area of my life that needs help, in Jesus.
7.        By the power in the name of Jesus Christ, I command my trouble to be troubled.
8.        Agenda of darkness to make sure I remain like this, be wasted by fire, in Jesus’ name.
9.        Any affliction that entered into my life while I slept, come out with all your roots, in Jesus’ name.
10.     Blood of Jesus speak against any negative covenant working against me, in Jesus name.
11.     I receive deliverance from foundational troubles, in Jesus name.
12.     My forehead, receive the blood of Jesus and be victorious in every aspect of life.
13.     Powers that hate my existence, I cut short your existence in my life, in Jesus name.
14.     I must not bow; my problem must bow, in the name of Jesus.
15.     Serpent of affliction in any area of my life, be roasted in Jesus name.
16.     I reject satanic opposition to my breakthrough, in Jesus name.
17.     Satanic personality, fuelling my problem, die now, in Jesus name.
18.     Dark powers that says I must not be delivered, Oh God arise and set me free with ease.

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