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Friday, October 21, 2016

The Message that is Missing in Some Churches

Those preaching the "Come as you are", "unmerited favour", "Jesus has done everything, you don't have to do anything" Gospel are totally wrong and they will be judged for deceiving and misleading people in this age... Repent!!! Repentance is the first step!!! The parable of the Prodigal son is a perfect type of how God relates with the sinner, the son didn't just stay where he was and the father came to him, he made a decision to repent and acted on it by going back to His father's house, the father didn't travel to the far country to look for him, the boy had to take some little steps of repentance by going back & he was embraced! So those prosperity and Unmerited favour preachers are only lying to you... The word "Unmerited favour" is a Man's idea, nowhere in the Bible was Grace interpreted as "Unmerited favour", check the Bible concordance, Grace means "Favor" but it is not "Unmerited".... Even 1peter 5:5 says that "He gives Grace to the humble", So you see that He doesn't just throw the Grace to everyone as it is being preached this days, you have to Do something, which is to  Humble yourself in repentance... Truth is, If you don’t repent, God withholds Grace and when He withholds Grace you perish... Come out of those Unmerited Churches!!!Come Out of Jesus has paid the Price for everything Churches!!! Come Out of the Hyper-Grace Churches!!! Come Out of the Grace, Grace, Grace Churches!!! They have misinterpreted the True Idea of Grace to suite what people will like to Hear and to make their pockets fat!!! We are in the Last days and 2Timithy 4:3 clearly spoke about people with itchy ears, it is the same people with itchy ears that have crowded these Churches, that's why you see a church Auditorium with 50,000 members cause the Preachers have noticed this and are preaching to the People what they want to Hear not what they NEED to hear just to keep the congregation large and increasing!!! They are poisoning your Soul day by day!!! Come Out!!!

Prayer Points

1. Oh God help me to return to your first love.
2. I receive power to do what God is telling me, in Jesus name.
3. By the power in the name of Jesus, I shall work out my salvation with fear and trembling.
4. I refuse to pet people to hell, oh God give me power to preach raw messages.
5. Blood of Jesus, sanitize me for your glory.    

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