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Sunday, January 03, 2016

My Midnight- Pastor Stephens

Text: Acts 16:25-34

 When Paul and Silas prayed in their midnight their prison doors open, fetters broke. Barriers were destroyed. When you maximize your midnight, doors of breakthrough will be opened. Death sentence was cancelled because they maximize their midnight. Shame was reverse. There was a testimony because they maximize their midnight. Evangelism was made easy to them. When you use your midnight well you have testimonies that will invite your ungodly neighbours to God. God prove himself. When Paul and Silas maximize their midnight hope came when there was on hope. Whosoever that will be in charge of your night will have the charge to control your day.
If you want to do better this year, your midnight must be a strategic night. What happened to Paul and Silas midnight? To have a better year you must not joke with your midnight. Midnight is strategic to your success, progress and result you will ever achieve in the day. When you are midnight champion there is nothing in the day that can defeat you.
Jesus was arrested at midnight and disgraced in the day.

Seven things you can use your midnight to do.
1.   Prayers: Use the power of midnight for your prayers. It can be prayed anytime, anywhere and time and at any hour. When you use your midnight for prayers you will see what will begin to happen through midnight prayers. This year, if you want to have a better result, you must maximize your midnight very well.
2.   Praises: Paul and Silas at midnight praised and sang to praises to God. There is acidic uncommon power at midnight praises. But midnight carries acidic power. When we praised at midnight we invoke the presence of God.
3.   Hymns: When we sing hymns at midnight. Matthew 26:30-31. There is power in hymns. When you use your midnight to sing hymns the receive unusual testimonies.  
4.   Meditation: meditation itself has power. Thoughts are powerful.
5.   Study: when you study at midnight, some strange revelations will come to you. When you study you are doing soul searching. Joshua 1:8.
6.   Worship: one of the differences between worship and praise is. Praises is when you tell or when you show the goodness of God to others. While worship is when you show God who He is. One of the best foods any superior force like is worship. Matthew 4:8-9. If you are not a good worshipper you will not be wealthy.  
7.   Listen to God at Midnight.

Prayer Points
1.     Powers messing up my midnight, enough is enough, die, in the name of Jesus.
2.     Midnight serpents and scorpions, hear the word of the Lord, die, in the name of Jesus.
3.     Any power that has been given the contract to be attacking me at night, you are a failure, die, in the name of Jesus.
4.     What I lost at midnight, Holy Ghost, return them to me by fire, in the name of Jesus.
5.     My midnight, hear the word of the Lord, reject bewitchment and manipulations, in the name of Jesus.
6.     Anything whatsoever that worked into my life at midnight, that is troubling me now, come out by fire, in the name of Jesus.
7.     Every good thing that worked out of my life at midnight, wherever you are come back! In the name of Jesus.
8.     My midnight, hear the word of the Lord, as from now work for me and never against me, in the name of Jesus.
9.     Powers, to use my midnight to favour my destiny, my life is available enter, in the name of Jesus.

10.  My father, make me a midnight champion, in the name of Jesus. 

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