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Monday, October 20, 2014

Disconnecting Evil hands manipulating my suitors

Scripture: Job 22:28

Instruction: Apply force as you pray these prayers. Pray as least 1 hour. Use P.U.S.H formula i.e. (P=Pray) (U=Until) (S=something) (H=Happen). These prayer points are for singles who desire a suitor. You can also intercede for someone with these prayers. 

Prayer points
1.       Oh God my father I thank you for your help this far in the name of Jesus.
2.       Any evil hand manipulating my divine suitor be cut off now in Jesus name.
3.       Powers from my father’s house that says I cannot get married this year be wasted by fire in the name of Jesus (say it hot 7 times)
4.       By the power in the blood of Jesus my divine suitor shall be committed to me in Jesus name.
5.       Powers of wasters and emptier I am not your candidate scatter by fire in Jesus name.
6.       Evil vows target against my life to make me single for life backfire now in the name of Jesus.
7.       Jesus! Thou son of David have mercy on me and settle me concerning my marital life.
8.       Any bad habit in me that is causing my suitor to depart from me blood of Jesus rescue me.
9.       Marine manipulation, loose your hold concerning my suitor in the name of Jesus.
10.   Spirit husband/ Spirit wife let me go now in the mighty name of Jesus.
11.   Any sin in my life that is giving the enemy upper hand to attack me, wither now in the name of Jesus.
12.   Arrows of the Most High God locate my stubborn pursuers.
13.   The angel that killed the first born of the Egyptians, visit my foundation.
14.   Evil mirror monitoring my life scatter now in the name of Jesus.
15.   Blood of Jesus deliver me from the evil spirit that attacked my parents.
16.   Glory of God shine on me now in Jesus name.
17.   Any evil legs going about, seeking my downfall scatter in the name of Jesus.
18.   Anger of God, visit the stronghold of my stubborn pursuers.
19.   My appearance, attract my divine suitor in Jesus name.
20.   Witchcraft manipulations, loose your hold now in the name of Jesus.
21.   Long time problem in my life, hear the word of the Lord expire now in the name of Jesus.
22.   Fire of God, visit the root causes of this stubborn problem in my life in Jesus name.
23.   Agenda of darkness to frustrate my suitor scatter now in the name of Jesus.
24.   Mercies of God fight for me in Jesus name.
25.   I separate myself from family evil pattern in the name of Jesus.

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