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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Overcoming Evil Days

Scripture: Ephesians 5:16
Beloved, I wish to admonish you to dwell in God because without Him you are not safe. Evil abounds, it is the grace of God that keeps someone from evil men and women roaming about seeking who they will devour just as their master (Satan). It is high time we turn to God because he alone can help us overcome evil days.
Nevertheless prayer moves mountain. Always learn to pray without ceasing. Acts 12:5, and learn to intercede for one another Romans 1:9, 2 Timothy 1:3.
Instruction: You are to pray these prayer points for 3 days. Make sure you are born again for it to be effective. Not negotiable.
Prayer Points
1.    Thank God for sparing your life.
2.    Begin to cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.
3.    Any power that want to frustrate my life scatter now in the name of Jesus.
4.    Any evil waiting to manifest in my life backfire now in the name of Jesus.
5.    My feet shall be ordered by God in the name of Jesus.
6.    Spirit of death hanging on my head, go back to sender now in Jesus name.
7.    Oh God my father, help me to serve you in spirit and in truth in the name of Jesus.
8.     Death sentence from darkness kingdom waiting to manifest in my life backfire now in the name of Jesus.
9.    Holy Spirit divine organize my life to favor me in the name of Jesus.
10.  Perilous times hear the word of the Lord you will not catch up with me.
11.  Evil pronouncement assign to frustrate my life become useless in Jesus name.
12.  Arrows of dark ages you shall not prosper in my life in Jesus name.
13.  Anything in my life that hates progress what are you waiting for, be uprooted by fire in Jesus name.
14.   Blood of Jesus rescue me from evil days.
15.   This year shall not eat me up in the name of Jesus.
16.   Foundational evil powers that hate my existence expire by fire.
17.   Evil vultures programmed to kill me die by thunder by fire in Jesus name. 

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