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Friday, July 05, 2013

Prayers to Destroy Affliction

1. Any affliction attached to my life at birth die now in Jesus   name.
2. Stubborn infirmity following me about come out now, in Jesus name.
3. I shake out long time affliction in my system now in the name of Jesus. (Demonstrate it by shaking your hands and legs)
4. Oh God arise, flush out affliction from my system in Jesus name.
5. Powers from my foundation cooking my flesh in any pot of darkness scatter now in Jesus name.
6. I  walk out of sickness, sickness! walk out of me. In the name of Jesus. (Demonstrate it)
7. Demonic utterances working against my health backfire in Jesus name.
8. Midnight incantation working against my destiny hear the word of the lord be destroyed in Jesus name.
9. Balm of Gilead heal me now by your mercies in Jesus name.
10. Any sickness and diseases in my life destroying my finances your time is up die. In the name of Jesus. 

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