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Monday, May 20, 2013

Who is the Genesis of my Problems

Song: Praise the Lord with the best songs you love most.
Bible Reading: Lamentation 5: 1-22, 1 King 12:1-14
Confession: Jonah 2:7, Micah 7:8
Memory Verse: Jonah 2:7: when my soul fainted within me I remember the Lord: and my prayer came in unto thee, into thine holy temple.

1.Bring quality repentance to God.
2.Confess your sin to God and sin of your father’s house.
3.Cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus.
4.O God arises for my help.
5.Where my ability as failed, arise for my help.
6.Persistence problems in my father’s house in my blood system die.
7.Every wicked tree of infirmity planted in my family, be uprooted by fire.
8.I shall not die in this situation.
9.Any problem that have covenant with night in my life-die.
10.Problem of evil name, assigned to turned my life upside down – die.
11.Problem expander in my father’s house – die.
12.The enemy shall not celebrate my down fall this year.
13.Any problem, assigned to add problems into my marriage – die.
14.Any power that is using my late father/mother to punish me – die.
15.Inherited problem organise.
16.Power, that is using my past to attack my present – die.
17.Foundational bondage assigned to mess up my life die.
18.Powers that want me to die in my situation – die.
19.Notable problem in my father’s house – die.
20.Powers, that is rejoicing over my problem – die.
21.Family cage in my father’s house catch fire.
22.Family reproach problem in my blood system dry up by fire.
23.Thank God for answering your prayers.

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