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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Must Graduate by Fire- students prayer

For students who has been experiencing delay in their academic pursuit.

1.      Thank God for already answered prayers and bless His Holy name.
2.      Any power that says I must not graduate in my academic pursuit wherever you are die. In the name of Jesus.
3.      Invincible powers following me about in order to frustrate me, by the power in the name of Jesus die.
4.      Evil lecturers and teachers cooperating with the evil powers of my father’s house to make sure I remain in this level be frustrated. In Jesus name.
5.      Agenda of household wickedness waiting for me at the day of my glory, be disgrace in Jesus name.
6.      Evil mirror used by my stubborn pursuers to make sure  I don’t have good grades be wasted.
7.      Oh thou that trouble my Israel my God shall trouble you today in Jesus name.

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